About us

AS WaveCom is a provider of high availability server solutions. Our mission is to be the most reliable partner of hosted business systems, ensuring a sense of security for owners of critical data.

Our vision is to be a world-class provider of IT infrastructure hosting services with the highest possible levels of innovation and client satisfaction.

Data Centre

In 2018 we built an innovative data centre, using only high-quality Schneider Electric / APC next generation solutions. The Data Centre is designed to meet TIER-3 or higher standards and the management and critical processes of the Data Centre are automated. Our innovative solutions and uncompromising quality ensure maximum availability.

Information security and compliance

The company has implemented the ISO:9001 quality management system since 2018. In summer 2019 Bureau Veritas certified our compliance with the auditing standards ISO 27001. The company has implemented the ISO:9001 quality management system since 2018. In summer 2019 Bureau Veritas certified our compliance with the auditing standards ISO 27001. We use modern automatic and machine learning solutions in our security systems.

Innovative Services

Most of our services are normally, even in very large volumes, ready to use immediately after placing an order. We are among the best in the global market for the convenience and choices of service management. Our services are always accompanied by proactive management and monitoring.

Flexible Price and Scalability

We offer top quality and competitive pricing. Our clients only pay for the resources they actually need and use. Resources for servers or services can be conveniently and efficiently increased or decreased. Our clients do not enter into fixed, long-term contracts. The cost of using our long-term special solutions will either decrease for the customer over time or the technical capabilities will increase regularly.

Key Customers

Our key customers are companies that offer or consume high availability IT services, which is usually from the technology or financial sector. We know their requirements and take responsibility for meeting the relevant SLA conditions. Our key customers communicate with our experts in real time. So far, we have achieved maximum satisfaction in serving our key customers. WaveCom's client portfolio includes companies operating in Europe, America and Asia from a total of 87 countries.

Wavecom's journey in time

2001 – established a wireless fixed network
2005 – added a VoIP phone service
2007 – established a server and communication device hosting service
2011 – created a data center in Tallinn
2013 – started renting HP Blade Servers/cloud services
2014 – 100% stake in Tantum Group OÜ
2015 – acquisition of TorqHost OÜ
2016 – started offering IP call centre services
2018 - VMware Cloud
2018 - Innovative data center
2018 - ISO:9001
2019 - ISO 27001: 2013
2020 - The first and only VMware Cloud Verified service provider in the Baltics
2021 - VMware Disaster Recovery partner
2022 - Veeam Silver Cloud & Service Provider


WaveCom's management


+372 685 0001

Kristian Liivak

Chief executive officer, Member of the Board

Kristian was interested in technology already as a child. In the mid-90s it was only logical that he started work in one of the first Estonian telecommunication companies.

Establishing Wavecom a few years later was even more logical. He is still closely connected with the company’s daily operations.

In addition to managing the company, Kristian’s main function is strategy development as well as the development of complex technical solutions and services. All of the company’s technical solutions have been developed under his supervision. He is a mentor for all employees.

His passwords for escaping daily work are sailing and hobby aviation. His colleagues also use these passwords all the time, since they usually come along on the sea. Kristian is also the company yacht captain.

Kristian has been the manager of Wavecom since 2001.

Andres Kukk

Chief business development officer, Member of the Board

Although a pragmatic thinker, leading people is what makes Andres’s eyes shine. For him, it is important to create value through developing cooperation between people and business.

After studying applied mathematics at Tartu University, Andres has been active in the private business and IT sector for more than 25 years.

His hobbies are investment, reading and psychology. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that he is responsible for financial, business and human development at WaveCom. He is also helping our marketing team with his long-term experience and skills in that area.

Andres gets a lot of energy from swimming. In winter, you can see him on ski slopes in the forest. His inspiration comes from Eastern philosophy and living in harmony with nature.

Andres joined the Wavecom team in 2019.



Silver Kesksaar

Chief financial officer

Silver loves the world of numbers as ardently as his colleagues love technology. He especially loves it, when all the numbers match up. When Excel shows an error, Silver doesn’t rest until order has been restored.

Silver believes that while his work requires an accountant’s accuracy, leisure time should be balanced with softer hobbies. For him, gardening is the ideal way to destress.

At the same time, people are just as exciting for Silver as numbers are. That is why he is an avid reader of literature from the field of psychology. This certainly has its benefits in leading a company’s finances too!


+372 5685 0005

Anastassia Altrov

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

As a little girl was dreaming to become a ballerina but after ballet school, went to study law and programming.

At Wavecom, she can combine the two passions of her life - the marketing and technology, and use her creativity in the IT world.

In her spare time, likes to restore furniture or escapes to the theater to enjoy the ballet.

Anastassia joined WaveCom's team in 2018.