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VMware vCloud overview


VMware  vCloud Director  is an ultimate cloud management platform that provides the ability to build secure, multi-tenant clouds by pooling virtual infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters and exposing them to users through Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully-automated, catalogue-based service.

Our VMware vCloud portal uses the HTML5 user interface for controlling vApps, virtual machines, powerful NSX network services, content libraries and vCloud availability.

Here we give a quick overview of the features and terms. Let´s take a brief introduction about its functions.


vCloud director administration












Users and Groups

An organization can contain an arbitrary number of users and groups. Permissions within an organization are controlled through the assignment of rights and roles to users and groups.


A right is the fundamental unit of access control in vCloud Director.  Each right provides view or manages access to a particular object type in vCloud Director. Each organization can have different rights and roles and assign them to users and groups.

Identify providers – SAML
You can control users and groups from a SAML identity provider and connect vCD to organization active director.


Connect vCD in our vCloud datacenter to manage all resources from one place.  Also required if cross vCD networks are needed.

There are also several other options for policies and settings you can customize.




vCloud director datacenter


vApp may have multiple virtual servers that form a multi-level application (such as a separate web server, database, and security server). Basically enables you to manage multiple VM-s as one app and configure different rules and options.

Virtual data center 
The virtual data center provides the organization with network, storage, processor and memory resources. You can choose which host, cluster, a pool of resources, and data warehouse to create a specific VM or vApp . Virtual data centers can be located in different physical data centers. Virtual servers can be moved from one virtual data center or vAPP to another.

Virtual machine.

Under VM you can create singe virtual machines without belonging to vApp. It's also possible to move it later to vApp.

(Anti)Affinity rules

vCloud Director VM-Host affinity rules provide vCloud Director users with a way to specify how vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) should place VMs on hosts in a resource pool. VM-Host affinity rules can be useful when host-based licensing requires VMs that are running certain applications to be placed on hosts that are licensed to run those applications. They can also be useful if higher redundancy is needed. You can force to place vApps/VM's  in different hardware hosts.




Here vCD user can manage external networks, organization VDC networks, and vApp networks.


vCloud director edges








An edge gateway provides a routed organization virtual datacenter network with connectivity to external networks and can provide services such as load balancing, routing, NAT, firewall and layer2, IPsec and SSL VPN. vCloud Director supports IPv5 and IPv6 edge gateways.

Under security you can manage NSX distributed firewall and protect horizontally your org network resources. And also horizontally and vertically external network. 


Independent disks are standalone virtual disks that you create in Organization VDCs. Organization administrators and users who have the respective rights can create, remove, and update independent disks, and connect them to virtual machines.

Under  Storage Policies you can observe assigned storage policies.




vCloud director libraries







vCloud Director libraries is a container for vApp templates and virtual media files (ISO). 

Users can access vApp templates and media files that they own or that are shared with them. 

vApp templates
vApp template is a pre-configured virtual machine or multiple machines you can deploy to cloud within minutes.   Wavecom have prebuilt OS templates you can use for deployment.  You can also copy your existing VMs and vApps to template and use them in future or create a template by uploading OVA/OVF image.

From Media & Other you can see Wavecom OS ISO images and also upload your own and mount it to a virtual machine.

The tasks view lists all tasks and shows when tasks were run and where they successfully completed. The view is the first step to troubleshooting problems in your environment. The tasks view contains long-running operations such as a virtual machine or a vApp creation.


Under Events you can view the system log to monitor system-level events. You can find and troubleshoot failed events and view events by the user.



vCloud availability

vCloud director vCloud availability

vCloud Availability in vCloud Director is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution that provides simple and secure asynchronous replication and failover for vSphere managed workloads.  

For all covered topics you can find more tutorials from our website help section and youtube channel.


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