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VMware vCloud Availability

 VMware vCloud Availability  provides new meaning to hybrid cloud and DRaaS


We provide cloud backup of VMware vCloud Availability  for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that allows you to replicate your data:

  • On Premises from VMware environment to our vCloud
  • From our vCloud to On Premises environment
  • The On Premises VMware solution simply integrates with our cloud service and no special solutions is required.
  • Solution that offers maximum protection and availability by keeping data in different locations
  • ISO27001 / 9001 certified secure data center and service located in Estonia
  • Self-controlled and managed service with adjustable RTO / RPO value from 5Min
  • Automatic emergency reset with one click


vCloud Availability is a powerful backup, replication, migration, and disaster recovery tool. In addition to the mutual protection of WaveCom data centres, it enables backing up data onto its vSphere platform and from an individual platform to the WaveCom cloud. All this is feasible in a regular vCloud directory environment, which is also the management platform for virtual machines and other cloud services.

It only takes a few minutes to launch the new vCloud Availability. Thereafter, the client can use the environment to view the backup of all their servers on a single screen, whether there are one or fifty servers. Data backup by replication is performed by pre-determined automation. Smart replication moves only the altered data blocks. Unlike most virtualization backup software solutions, replication does not use snapshots, which tend to freeze the discs of larger servers and often cause errors in databases and applications.


Data are stored according to the client’s settings; for example, you can search backed-up data 24 days prior to the current search date, regardless of how the data has been used in the meantime. Servers can also replicate the altered blocks in 5-minute intervals, ensuring exceptional data availability.

vCloud Availability is a good remedy against malware; should a cryptovirus invade a company’s data, the rewind button takes servers back to the time before the virus attack. Users can do it themselves with a couple of clicks and a few minutes on the vCloud director portal.

In the event of major problems, you can run with on click an emergency recovery protocol that will launch up to 50 virtual machines in about 5 minutes. After pre-configuring the vCloud NSX edge gateway VPN, the entire virtual data center is instantly available in another location. If necessary, you can also test the Emergency Recovery Protocol on a daily basis. Only the recovery simulation will be performed and the backup will continue to work.


vCloud Availability pricing

Replication and Draas of one VM Each VM adds 4vCPU / 8vRAM resources to the vCloud datacenter 15 €
Tier 0 SSD 1GBTier 0 SSD: Mid level storage 60K IOPS 0.06 €
Tier 1 SSD 1GB Tier 1 SSD : ZFS SSD NAS 0.03 €
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