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While others are talking, we are acting


While others are talking about raising security, we are the only ones on the Estonian market, who have implemented an innovative automatic website updating solution. The system recognizes website’s CMS and modules and constantly updates them to the latest version. It solves one of the biggest problems in today's web hosting world - continuous hacking of obsolete content management systems (like WordPress and Joomla).

Before we started with the automatic updates, most of our clients content management systems were outdated, half of them critically (no updates for more than six months). Today over 90% of the websites have been updated to the latest version.

Four months ago, we began to use a software solution based on artificial intelligence. The new security system protects servers from brute force and DDoS attacks, restricts access to attackers based on global data before they reach our server and stops 99% of other attacks. Imunify 360 protects webpages from malware and defacement.

Previously, we had to deal with thousands of attacks on a daily basis. On worst days, due to outdated CMS’s, hackers managed to hack 10-20 web pages. Today, the number of security incidents has fallen drastically. In the worst-case scenario, they hack 2-3 websites per month in all of our servers combined. All other attacks are successfully blocked.

The measures taken guarantee an unbelievably stable service. Massive attacks are no longer slowing down the server and do not affect our services. As a result, our entire server infrastructure is serving customers, not fighting malicious hacking attempts.

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