Web Hosting News and Updates

speedIt is very important for us to provide high-quality services. That's why we have always invested in product development and have been looking for a variety of solutions to make Wavecom's web hosting services even better. This summer, we made a number of updates that will provide even more opportunities for our customers.

Integrated SSH Terminal and Graphic Git User Interface

In all our web hosting packages that support SSH connection, it's now possible to use the built-in SSH console. You can forget about creating key pairs required to log in and terminal emulators like PUTTY. A single press of a button is sufficient and the full-function terminal window (for example includes copy/paste support) pops up and is ready to accept your commands.

We also added the graphical Git Gitweb user interface. Gitweb allows you to browse through your repositories, view content files and logs - all through a simple user interface.

Gitweb organizes your repository’s information into reports. Summary reports give you the high-level data. Detailed reports let you “drill down” into the specifics. It also allows the interface to compare two "commit" and shows the differences between them. You can read more detailed description of Gitweb here.

Backups using JetBackup

Nowadays, when most of our data is digital, reliable, automatic and secure backups are essential. You need a solution to back up your data in case something goes wrong – and there’s always something that goes wrong, right? Whether it is bad coding, a failed update/upgrade, successful hack attempts or corrupted data, it doesn’t take long before a backup is needed to restore your website to its original condition.

Backups from your data are now stored for 30 days instead of the previous 14. You can restore any of the last 30 days. You can also add notes to each backup, in order to have an overview of when and what for copies were created. You can enter your email address under the settings and the system will automatically notify you when the backup/restore process is completed.

To restore one file or folder in your account, simply log into cPanel and navigate to the JetBackup section. To restore the file/folder, select the backup date from when you want to restore your data and click "File manager" to select the file or folder you want to use. Depending on the size of the file/folder, the process may take from a few minutes to hours.

“Full account” - Full account recovery from backup - Restore the entire account exactly as it was on the backup date. You have to keep in mind that all changes and emails that you made after chosen date will be lost. Therefore, we recommend to use this function only if it is really necessary. If only specific files are needed to recover, you can use the "File Backups" feature. If your account size is high, consider a fairly long recovery time. For example, it may take 2 hours to recover a 50GB account.

JetBackup is also a simple solution to recover databases. Simply select a date and depending on the size of your database, the process may take a few minutes. In the meantime, you can track the progress of the process in the JetBackup “Queue”. Once your database has been restored, a message will be displayed informing you of the end of the process.

It's also possible to restore email accounts with JetBackup. To do so, select the e-mail account and the date. However, remember that mails after the selected date will be lost. You can see the restore status using the “Queue” option from the main JetBackup category in your cPanel home page.

If something happened with the DNS records, they can be restored using "DNS restore.

One great way to cPanel is to create a "Snapshot" of the account. It can be very useful before making various changes. If something goes wrong during changes, you can use the "Snapshoot" to restore the previous situation. Snapshot is generated from all your account information. If you only want to update your webpage, we would recommend using the Softacleous backup solution instead of Snapshot. Softaculous allows you to create a backup from the webpage and restore it with just a few mouse clicks.

After restore you should always check your data.

PHP version 7.2.

The latest PHP version 7.2 has been added to the web hosting service. We recommend that you use new version if possible. Namely, the PHP 7.2 is about 13% faster than the previous version and twice as fast as PHP 5.6.

PHP version 7.2 includes important security improvements. The Libsodium encryption library was added, which makes PHP the first programming language to add modern cryptography to its standard libraries. The new Argon 2 password hashing algorithm makes it much more time consuming to break passwords.

In order to get all the PHP updates, website code must support them. At this point, we would like to remind you again of the importance of the content management systems updates. Most common CMS'es are automatically updated in our servers. Websites with custom solutions however should be constantly updated by their owner.

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