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WaveCom's last year summary


The year 2018 was extremely busy for the WaveCom team and brought many challenges.

We built a new and ultra-modern data center using only high-quality Schneider solutions, As far as we know, there aren’t any similar data centers in the nearby region. Our goal is to have the most innovative solutions, uncompromising quality and high efficiency at every stage of the work. Read more. 

In July, a Quality Standard Certificate ISO9001: 2015 for handling a new data center was issued to WaveCom. Verification and certification were carried out by Bureau Veritas. Next, we will focus on achieving PCI and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

Last year, for the first time, Creditinfo Eesti AS gave us the highest possible credit rating AAA (excellent).

WaveCom became an authorized VMware vCloud service provider. Our new cloud offers all the unlimited possibilities of the VMware software data center. With WaveCom's vCloud, you can create solutions that will exactly meet the needs of your business. There may be one virtual machine as well as a complex IT infrastructure. The service provides special solutions for load balancer, firewall and SSL VPN as well as VMware NSX network. Combined with new hardware, our public cloud has exceptional performance and availability. This service is the first of its kind in Estonia.

Many updates were made to our services. We have drastically upgraded the hardware and performance of our web-hosting servers. We use powerful HP BL460 G10 servers with high-end Intel Gold 6126 processors and 256 GB of RAM. Already from last year, each of our web-hosting servers has 20GB network connection.

The latest hardware upgrades and use of new web technologies (HTTP/ 2, PHP-FPM) have created a situation where our web hosting service is unbelievably fast. We have the best possible "Time to first byte" speed.

We also implemented an innovative automatic website updating solution. The system recognizes website’s CMS and modules and constantly updates them to the latest version. It solves one of the biggest problems in today's web hosting world - continuous hacking of obsolete content management systems (like WordPress and Joomla).

To secure our webhosting we began to use a software solution based on artificial intelligence. Imunify 360 protects webpages from malware and defacement.

The measures taken guarantee an unbelievably stable service. Massive attacks are no longer slowing down the server and do not affect our services. As a result, our entire server infrastructure is serving customers, not fighting malicious hacking attempts. Number of security incidents has fallen drastically.

Our network infrastructure was drastically improved. Three fibre optic cables run from our data center to Estonian strategic communication hubs- each offering 40 Gbit/s data speeds.

An ultra-fast radio link network duplicates optical cables. Three new Cisco Nexus 5596 network switches in our new data center, can deliver up to 1.92 terabytes of data in any given time.

We joined the RTIX internet exchange, where we exchange traffic with all Estonian operators at 20Gbit/s. Hurricane Electric and Citic supply our external connections with the impressive combined speed of 40Gbit/s. Each of our services are protected by Cisco GLBP gateway protection. In the case of a single router failure, the transition to the other router is unnoticeable. Normally, traffic is divided by the load balancing method.

There were too many changes and innovations to write about them all here. One thing is sure - our team is very proud of its achievements. What's next? Many interesting updates are already on the way. We will write about them in the next news story.

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