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WaveCom, together with Excellent is hosting most of Estonian companies accounting


Excellent Business Solutions Estonia AS is the developer of Cloud-based Standard Books and Standard ERP business software as well as HansaWorld's exclusive representative in Estonia.

For over 15 years, Excellent has created solutions for more than 20,000 Estonian companies that provide easy daily management of finances, including accounting, payroll, customer management, sales management, logistics, business analysis, and other functions. In 2015, Excellent starts moving data to the cloud and today, data from almost all companies is on the cloud.

Excellent uses WaveCom’s Private Cloud service to host thousands of Hansa servers securely in multiple high availability server clusters. Excellent has also recently chosen WaveCom’s VoIP call center to ensure best service quality of their support phone line.

According to Excellent's partner Janno Oja, the client must always have quick access to his database and reports. Backups must be made automatically and every night. Customers should not have to worry about the hard drive being filled up or the aging of hardware. Data must always be securely protected and backed up. "That's why we chose WaveCom’s brand new, high-performance data center for hosting our servers," said Oja.

“High availability and security of our client’s data is our main priority. The speed and quality of the support line is also very important. In case of Wavecom we especially appreciate the precise mapping of our needs and careful tailoring of respective technical solutions that ensure security, high availability, speed and quality for both cloud and call center. Quick response is to be expected in the IT business but we have been positively surprised by their proactive and caring attitude and personalized pricing.”


Excellent's cloud service manager Dmitri Volhonsky and system architect Pavel Hmeljov are also pleased with service. Both confirm that Excellent's customers can sleep at night, their data is locked and can not be lost even in case of a big accident. The data is backed up, which means for the Excellent's client that there are always backup copies.

Excellent gathers feedback, based on promoter index poll every year. The results show that cloud service customers are the most satisfied. When the data is in the cloud the problems are more likely to be resolved more efficiently and with less time spent.

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