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WaveCom AS has been awarded the information security and availability certificate ISO 27001


WaveCom AS, the provider of data centre and cloud services, has been awarded the information security and availability certificate ISO 27001 in September 2019. In addition, the company renewed its quality management certificate ISO 9001 to meet the high standard of international requirements.

In July and August, auditors from Bureau Veritas reviewed the compliance of services and the data centre provided by AS WaveCom with the requirements of ISO 27001/9001. The audit included information security checks and the revision of the structure of technical and security systems, operation processes and documentation. According to Kristian Liivak, a member of the Management Board and CEO of WaveCom AS, WaveCom has always invested in high service availability and security in its activities. “This is the reason why the introduction process of all the required practices only lasted for 6 months, which is a relatively short time for meeting the high standard of internationally recognized requirements.

WaveCom’s data centre is ahead of its time because only the highest-quality equipment and systems from Schneider Electric are used. Exceptional security is, among other things, evident from the use and monitoring of face recognition systems and biometric access to server towers,” explained Kristian Liivak.

ISO certification is a significant landmark in AS WaveCom’s strategic development plan. Standard ISO 27001:2005 requires that companies holding the certificate monitor and assess security risks on an ongoing basis, as well as implement measures to mitigate such risks and the professional handling of all incidents to restrict their impact. To be eligible for the certificate, the company undertakes to conduct annual revisions of its security policy both internally and through external auditors.

Services provided by WaveCom’s data centres are used by demanding customers from Estonia and all over the world, including Europe, America, and Asia. The information security and availability certificate provides customers and partners with unwavering confidence, demonstrates the reliability of the company and proves that, in its business, WaveCom operates according to the best generally accepted practices. This has allowed the company to grow its business both locally and internationally, taking part in multinational procurement and cooperation projects which meet high information security requirements.

AS WaveCom is an international provider of secure high-availability server services with 18 years’ experience. In Estonia, the company has the most intelligent and cutting-edge data centre, designed in accordance with TIER-3 requirements and which ensures 100% availability of high-availability services provided. In the previous financial year, the company’s business volume grew by approximately 40%.

Among WaveCom’s services, export accounts for up to 40% and the nearly 3,000 regular customers, who express high levels of customer satisfaction, are located in more than 50 countries across the world. WaveCom’s customer base mainly comprises of technology companies that provide and procure high-availability and secure IT services. For example, WaveCom’s customers in Estonia include PZU Insurance, Excellent Business Solutions, Ridango, and Ria.com Marketplaces.

Certification supports WaveCom’s mission to be the most reliable partner of hosted data and business systems, and its vision of being a world-class provider of IT infrastructure hosting services with the highest possible levels of innovation and customer satisfaction.


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