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The WaveCom Cloud Service 3.0 provides new meaning to hybrid cloud and backup


The development of the new cloud service, WaveCom AS, the most intelligent and secure server centre in Estonia, enables the maintaining of services in different data centres while creating a hybrid cloud and using cloud backup and the highly secure disaster recovery. A special function (the so-called rewind button) allows for backed-up data to be recovered to the moment before being infected with a ransomware cryptovirus.

WaveCom uses the secure and diverse VMware vCloud platform for storing and backing up both its own data and the clients’ data. In addition, it is a cloud environment where clients can manage their servers and use different servers via the vCloud director portal.

Furthermore, Liivak stated, “The VMware vCloud spares companies’ development of their own environments is no longer fashionable nor cost-effective. If you need to build a server and have high-quality expectations, you will only have to pay 150 euros when using our VMware environment, whereas developing the similar infrastructure with similar technology and quality on your own would cost you at least 30,000 euros”. Companies have different needs; some make do with affordable and commonplace virtual private servers but those that require a fast, stable, secure, high-duty, and smart solution are offered with the full package through the VMware vCloud platform.

The cloud service is now complete with a new data centre, vCloud Availability 3, vCloud Multisite, and Cross VDC networking capability

vCloud Availability is a powerful backup, replication, migration, and disaster recovery tool. In addition to the mutual protection of WaveCom data centres, it enables backing up data onto its vSphere platform and from an individual platform to the WaveCom cloud. All this is feasible in a regular vCloud directory environment, which is also the management platform for virtual machines and other cloud services.

Kristian Liivak, the CEO and a Member of the Management Board of WaveCom, explained “vCloud Availability is a good remedy against malware; should a cryptovirus invade a company’s data, the rewind button takes servers back to the time before the virus attack. Users can do it themselves with a couple of clicks and a few minutes on the vCloud director portal. It’s a powerful antidote against vicious viruses as well as major malfunctions of file systems or databases”.

Moreover, WaveCom has previous experience in with a company whose systems were infected with a virus and they managed to preserve all of the data hosted in the WaveCom cloud service. The powerful, yet simple and highly secure solution provides support in case of both virus attacks and other accidents, which may damage a company’s information base.


The servers’ backup data are conveniently displayed on a single screen

It only takes a few minutes to launch the new vCloud Availability 3.0. Thereafter, the client can use the environment to view the backup of all their servers on a single screen, whether there are one or fifty servers. Data backup by replication is performed by pre-determined automation. Smart replication moves only the altered data blocks. Unlike most virtualization backup software solutions, replication does not use snapshots, which tend to freeze the discs of larger servers and often cause errors in databases and applications.

Data are stored according to the client’s settings; for example, you can search backed-up data 24 days prior to the current search date, regardless of how the data has been used in the meantime. Servers can also replicate the altered blocks in 5-minute intervals, ensuring exceptional data availability.

“Moreover, servers can be backed up in the hybrid cloud – we keep some servers in the office, some at our data centre in Endla Street or a new server centre in Ädala Street and securely copy data between the servers”, advised Liivak. “vCloud Availability is an excellent solution for companies whose server park is out of date and are reluctant to invest in new equipment. In this case, it is reasonable to switch to our cloud service, link the out-dated servers with our cloud by the Availability on-premises software, and direct the backup there. In addition, the older existing vSphere system can be used as a test platform where it takes a couple of clicks to access the main environment of the virtual server.”

WaveCom opened a new vCloud server centre in Ädala Street

WaveCom, which opened a server centre with the most advanced technology meeting the highest availability and security standards in Endla Street in Tallinn last autumn also just opened the doors of its second cloud centre at the secure Information System Authority (RIA) building in Ädala Street.

“The Ädala server park is not equipped with high-end technology like our previous centre but with older server clusters to also cater to more price-sensitive clients who are not seeking top quality. At the same time, the capacity differences between the two server centres are unnoticeable as we continue to uphold a quality standard”, said Liivak, adding that security and availability are granted at the highest level at both centres. Four fibre-optic cables with the channel capacity of 120 Gbit/s interlink the data centres. The Ädala data centre servers are additionally intended for clients using the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to back their data up in the WaveCom cloud to restart their whole server parks from the centre, in case of an accident.

The opening of the second centre allows clients to disperse their servers in different locations. For that, the company has introduced innovative vCloud Multisite and Cross VDC networking solutions. vCloud Multisite enables joining the vCloud directory accounts of different data centres in a single environment where it is convenient to manage everything at once. Cross VDC NSX allows creating networks and services that are located and accessible in both locations.

The security and availability of servers has reached a new high

WaveCom also stands out as a convenient self-service portal where clients can order and change their cloud service parameters on their own as required. The company provides video tutorials with step-by-step guides for how to configure servers and cloud services. Creating a new server takes only 15–20 seconds and is fully operable within approximately a minute.

Prices of WaveCom resemble those of the state cloud but the two service providers differ largely in their quality. Liivak further proposed, “We have been contacted by numerous state authorities that wish to give up servers using VMware software because it takes too much effort to rebuild their systems and look for backup solutions in the state cloud whose management and functions are behind those of VMware products. If one is used to a good solution, a weaker one just won’t do” and that. “The modern IT security and availability has reached a new higher level.”

Now, even infrastructure can be conveniently migrated from a company’s VMware platform to the WaveCom vCloud without disrupting work. Migration is performed in real-time while the servers and services are operable and the operating virtual server is transported to the WaveCom server centre.

According to Liivak, their principle is to focus on providing higher-level server services: “We don’t want to invent a bicycle all over again. Many service providers have preferred free platforms that one could develop on their own but we have neither the time nor the will to do that. The professional and powerful VMware solution is more convenient and we have competences to represent their service. For example, all companies in the Fortune 500 list are using the VMware software database”.

WaveCom invites you to try the cloud server service free of charge for one month! View the campaign terms here.

Please read more about the WMware vCloud availability here: https://www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-availability.html

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