Taking your business to the next level with a Ferrari or a Cisco router?

Business is a multifaceted symbiosis of activities. Product development, sales, advertising, communication, customer service, etc. must go hand in hand. The title raises the question of which will give a more positive impulse to the business - a new Ferrari or a high-end Cisco router?



Both are significant investments. Currently, the average price of a new Ferrari is around 300,000 euros. A sports car is an additional part of companies branding, with which it is possible to indirectly increase sales numbers. Cisco's premium routers are in the same price range and one of the most important cornerstones of the entire information traffic space. Regardless of whether the company owns the data center or buys it in as a service, it´s impossible to ignore the need for a router. The router is an indispensable component for the smooth operation of WaveCom's data center customer services, which is why we invested in two new and high-quality Cisco ASR 9902 routers in March.


cisco ASR 9902


The state-of-the-art Cisco router offers value, especially in terms of data traffic speed and security on the network, which is many times higher than in lower-end series. The ASR 9902 has data transfer rates of up to 1.6 terabytes per second. The router has two Route processors, if one fails, the other will take over. Network ports are also duplicated. In total, one router has 8X40 / 100, 16X25 / 10 and 24X10 GE ports. Of course, power supplies and cooling are also duplicated.

You can read more about the Cisco ASR 9902 router here.

So which is a more sensible investment? In general, the needs of each company are different, so the only correct answer is to calculate the costs and benefits. The symbol of success Ferrari is not a symbol of success in vain, and its impact on the sales framework should not be underestimated. Cisco's high-end routers create a seamless flow of information and are the backbone of your business. Of course, WaveCom chose routers to bring its network services to over 100GE.

The following month, the routers will be set up and tested in laboratory conditions. The change of routers must take place in the coming months without any interruption.