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Important information about the work organization of AS WaveCom

supportDear partner!

Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Estonia for at least the next two weeks, we have switched to remote work. Daily we have a technician in the data-center to solve potential problems. Data-center visits are currently suspended, and if necessary, we will help you resolve the issues. We do our best to keep the entire data-center running smoothly.

For more information about all of our products and services, feel free to visit www.wavecom.ee write to our email address @email, or call our customer support at +372 685 0000. All important contacts can be found at https://www.wavecom.ee/en/contacts

We will notify you immediately when we resume normal operation.

We wish everyone good health and please take all precautionary measures into account so that we can quickly overcome this situation together. Let’s stay healthy and act responsibly!

We urge our customers to be alert, as the number of fraud attempts may increase at more difficult times. It is important to understand the difference between incorrect information! Avoid downloading files or make sure they are from a secure source. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Address: Endla 16, Tallinn 10142, EstoniaPhone: (+372) 685 0000@email