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Automatic e-invoicing


WaveCom values ​​the convenience of using customer services and we have introduced automated e-invoicing at the turn of the year. In other words, WaveCom's customers can now automate the transmission of their e-invoices to their financial software. Forwarding payment orders to the bank is not yet supported.

If the customer has received an invoice for the service, they must go to WaveCom's self-service center. To send and use an e-invoice, open the invoice and press the "Pay now!" Button.


automaatsed e-arved


Then a window will open where you can select a payment method. When selecting “E-Invoice” you need to click the “Export to Fitek” button.

automaatsed e-arved

In this case, the invoice has gone to Fiteki and in the future all invoices will be automatically sent via Fitek to your e-invoice operator.

NB! The system works smoothly until the same service bill is paid by another method. In this case, it is a case of refusing to send an e-invoice. Later you can start using the e-invoice without any problems as described above.

If you change your e-invoice operator, you must notify us. Initially, the automation itself does not perform such a correction.

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