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2019 summary


2019 was a very successful year for WaveCom, with the main results being a nearly 30% year-on-year increase in fixed services revenue primarily in the technology business segment, ISO 27001 information security and availability certification, and significant increase in data center technical capabilities and security.

WaveCom AS sales revenue increased to 0.74 million euros in 2019. Despite substantial investments, operating profit more than doubled 0.073 million euros.

Exports of AS WaveCom services accounted for 40%, increasing over the year by 42%, to nearly 0.3 million euros. The data center services were used by approximately 3000 clients from more than 65 countries from Estonia, Europe, America and Asia.
According to Kristian Liivak, CEO of WaveCom AS, the past year 2019 was full of significant events, developments and investments for the future.

In the current year 2020, the company will continue the development of the Estonian data center and in the next few years WaveCom will invest an additional EUR 0.2 million in improving its service capabilities. The goal is to be the most innovative data center not only in the Baltic region but also in the Nordic countries.

As of September 2019, WaveCom operates the most modern and intelligent data center in Estonia with ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 Certification Scope (Providing Datacenter, Server, Cloud and Network services, Running and maintaining Datacenters) awarded by Bureau Veritas to AS Wavecom is the only one in Estonia to cover both cloud and data center services. The availability of high availability cloud services is 100%.

The WaveCom data center's exceptional level of security includes high-quality Shneider Electric equipment and systems, artificial intelligence, FBI-level security face detection and unrivaled biometric secure access even on every server rack cabinet.

Today we have been a VMware vCloud Authorized Service Provider for 5 years. In the spring of 2020, we are hoping to be the first in the Baltics to receive the VMware Cloud verified label, which VMware assigns after a technical audit that verifies compliance with best practices for service providers whose services include all the latest VMware vCloud solutions. Such a label has only been issued in the Nordic countries to a few larger companies in Finland and Sweden.

AS WaveCom continues to aim for the most innovative solutions, uncompromising quality and high efficiency.
"Our vision is to be a world-class, innovative, and highest-performing server service provider, and we have taken an extraordinary steps towards that goal," said Kristian Liivak.

At the end of 2019, we began major changes to our technical team to make our customer service level more professional and efficient. In 2020, we will continue to recruit senior level specialists with certifications and training to ensure high quality services and, as a result, to further enhance customer satisfaction.

In 2019, all of our key services became smarter and better managed. The customer can now control everything on their smartphone. An additional upgrade was given to our data communication capability in 2019.

The main focus was on VMware vCloud development. The ability of our customers to manage and manage their services without our help has become almost perfect. As an add-on to vCloud services, there is an innovative vCloud Availability backup service available today that restores virtual machines at the push of a button in another datacenter or client VMware environment.

In order to educate our customers and make their lives easier, we at WaveCom also started producing tutorial videos on the VMware vCloud Director environment.

In 2019 created and futher enhanced VMware vCloud software data center components include:

  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus virtualization platform for maximum availability, which offers the highest levels of availability, efficiency and built-in high security.
  • VMware NSX Network virtualization and security allows you to use and manage all VMware NSX solutions and Edge Services Gateway services yourself. Cross virtual datacenter NSX enables you to create software segmented network solutions at the virtualization level through various data centers. All this happens in an instant, without any interruption of the application work.
  • vCloud Availability, allows you to easily replicate your services between different data centers, create a hybrid cloud with on-premises environment, use cloud backup and ultra-fast and secure disaster recovery. The service allows you to restore your data center in minutes and with just a few buttons, even on your smartphone. The service will be launched in minutes.
  • The vCloud director administration portal provides a single powerful and secure environment for managing all services, even on a smartphone.

All of these investments, applied technologies and measures have created for our clients a world-class, extremely functional and stable service, which is highly recognized and used by both Estonian and global operating technology companies.

More information on 2020 activities in the next newsletter.


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