Excellent business solutions

In case of Wavecom we especially appreciate the precise mapping of our needs and careful tailoring of respective technical solutions."

Excellent Business Solutions Eesti AS is the oldest certified HansaWorld partner and sole representative in Estonia. Excellent is the business management software provider with the largest number of users in Estonia.

Excellent uses WaveCom’s Private Cloud service to host thousands of Hansa servers securely in multiple high availability server clusters. Excellent has also recently chosen WaveCom’s VoiP call center to ensure best service quality of their support phone line.  

“High availability and security of our client’s data is our main priority. The speed and quality of the support line is also very important. In case of Wavecom we especially appreciate the precise mapping of our needs and careful tailoring of respective technical solutions that ensure security, high availability, speed and quality for both cloud and call center. Quick response is to be expected in the IT business but we have been positively surprised by their proactive and caring attitude and personalized pricing.

Janno Oja - partner

PZU insurance

Wavecom fulfills SLA conditions incredibly well. They react fast, we never have any problems.

PZU Insurance is one of the biggest insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe, active in Estonia since 2013. Partnership with WaveCom began already in 2011, while still operation under the name RSA insurance.

WaveCom offers us fiber optic internet connection, public cloud service, VoIP calls and call center management. They have very competitive prices are flexible technical solutions.

The know-how od WaveCom’s team on how to create complex technical solutions with highest quality and affordable prices is really remarkable.

Sander Eentalu - manager of IT services


“Cooperation with WaveCom gives us confidence that customers' cyber security is in good hands. WaveCom's technology platform allows to provide all the necessary services to protect your business from internal and external cyber threats.”

The complexity, number and scale of cyber attacks are increasing day by day. Cybercriminal activities are difficult to predict because they use a variety of methods to reach their goals, such as penetrating your IT environment or modifying publicly available websites, as well as exploiting human vulnerabilities to gather valuable inside information. This can put a great deal of strain on any organization.

CYBERS is the largest full-service cyber security company in the region, operating since 2010 and employing over 30 top professionals offering comprehensive cyber security solutions to both private and business customers.

Nikolai Belstein - CEO