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SSL certificates

Be trustworthy on the web

As a company owner, you want to be sure that

  • your website is visible in search engines
  • visiting your website is safe for your customers
  • your customer’s personal and financial data is protected

Wavecom provides your company an SSL (TLS) certificate that encrypts the traffic between your website and the client, while at the same time improving your position in Google’s search engine.

Beginner or small business – Domain Validation

Simple and quick registration: No document presentation required, an e-mail confirmation is sufficient.

How it is displayed: a closed lock appears in the browser address bar and the address begins with https instead of http.

Suitable for private clients: The certificate is available for companies and private clients.

Best priced package:
COMODO POSITIVE SSL – 7 € per year

Encryption 128/256 bit

The service is activated immediately upon order confirmation

Best security – Extended Validation

Registration may take over a week: Your background and documentation are checked very carefully.

How it is displayed: Your browser address bar turns green and your company name is also displayed.

Best priced package:
COMODO EV SSL – 150 € per year

Encryption 2048 bit

The service is activated after completion of the security check

More secure business activity – Business Validation

Registration takes up to 3 days: in addition to an e-mail confirmation, some business documentation is also required.

Stronger background check: Your activities are more thoroughly checked.

Improves your reputation: increased security increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients.

Best priced package:
COMODO INSTANT SSL – 35 € per year

Encryption 256 bit

The service is activated within 1 week

Extends to sub-domains – Wildcard

The SSL certificate is valid for all sub-domains on the same domain.

Saves you time and money because

  • you do not have to pay for each sub-domain separately,
  • the certification process needs to be done only once.

Best priced package:

Encryption 128/256 bit

The service is activated immediately after order confirmation

Do you need SSL as well?

In short: yes, if you want your client to find your website easier with a Google search. A security certificate helps this process.

SSL technology is the most common solution for secure data movement on the Internet.

Ordering an SSL certificate requires a personal IP-address.

The certificate can be ordered with Wavecom Business and Premium packages as well as private and cloud servers.

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