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VMware vCloud public cloud

If you need a flexible solution and you do not want to purchase or manage a physical server, store your data in a public cloud that provides unlimited resources.
In the Wavecom public cloud, you can create the solution that fits your business best, which

  • can consist of only a few virtual servers
  • or a complex IT infrastructure with a load balancer, firewall, VPN and tailored network solutions.
  • WaveCom is a VMware vCloud Authorized Service Provider. Our cloud solution provides all of the VMware Software Data Center's endless possibilities.

As a Microsoft SPLA Partner, we provide you with all of their server and application licenses.



Quick setup, simple to use

VMware's vCloud public cloud allows you to create unlimited servers and network services.
When ordering our cloud service, you can choose the right components. Self service will determine how many processors, random access memory, data warehousing resources and IP addresses you will need.

  • flexibly – add or remove resources with a few clicks
  • effectively – pay only for what you use
  • reliably – servers have high-end availability and are continuously monitored
  • securely – as the service is covered with an SLA contract

Convenient, powerful Self-Service

The VMware vCloud manager administration interface gives you free hands-free setup.
In addition to creating  vApps and  VM´s , you can easily create custom network solutions and private networks

  • select network specific solutions and private networks
  • create and manage load balancer and SSL VPN connections
  • configure the firewall

With the vCloud Connector software, you can turn our cloud into an extension of your private cloud.

High availability = reliable

The high-end VMware cluster ensures a dependable service: servers are located in two different VMware vSphere cluster data centers that replicate data in real time. Even in a single server-side failure, the servers will continue to work because the information is stored in both locations.

The public cloud service is maintenance-free, so there are no interruptions in the cloud due to the maintenance of vSphere host servers. During the maintenance, the virtual machine will automatically migrate to another server, using the VMware vMotion solution, without slightest delay in services.

Share unlimited resources

Each of your cloud servers has 10 GbE network connections with both Estonian and international networks. Each of our vSphere host servers utilizes a 4x10 GIG network connection terminated with the 1,92 Tib/s top-notch Cisco Nexus 5596 Series Switches cluster.

Traffic will never stop in your network segment because the network cache uses the Cisco GLBP protocol. Traffic takes place simultaneously through our two routers, located in different locations and if necessary, balancing traffic.

VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform provides a genuine Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) experience. NSX enables the creation of sophisticated, segmented network solutions on a virulent level. This takes place in minutes, without interrupting the application work. You can use complicated private networks with OSPF and BGP routing servers between your servers. With SSL. L2 and IPSEC VPN you can get secure access to your networks or certain web services.

Data & Backup

Our data is stored in our HUAWEI OceanStore Enterprise data warehouse. Using SSD disk arrays, that support up to 100k of IOPs and provide fast and unpatched latency in your cloud. Also available are HPE MSA2040 SAS and MLSAS FC arrays and ISCSI / NFS and CIFS technology NAS archiving space.
For example, you can install a cloud-based operating system on a high-speed SSD drive and add more SAS hard disk space to store files.
Your data will be backed up by VMware replication technology on a continuous basis within our off-site VMWare cluster that takes over the main data center in an emergency. With off-site you can use so-called "Rewind" button to go weeks back with virtual machine. With "Snapshot" that was made before bad software update, you can instantaneously restore your previous situation.

Final word of the server technology

The public cloud of WaveCom uses HPE technique with the latest technology BL460 GEN 10 servers. Servers are equipped with high-performance Intel® Xeon® Gold 6126 processors running at 2.6 to 3.7 GHz frequency bands. Servers are located in different HPE C7000 Bladecenteres, where all nodes are duplicated. The Blade server center chassis are powered by six redundant power supplies connected to UPS units, which ensure smooth operation even in case of power outages and faults.

WaveCom’s VMware vCloud Cloud uses the vSphere virtualization resource that offers the highest reliability, efficiency, easy to use, and has built-in high security. VMware vSphere software is used by nearly all Fortune 500 companies. WaveCom is a long-term vendor of VMware and an authorized VMware vCloud service provider.


  • Excellent business solutions

    " In case of Wavecom we especially appreciate the precise mapping of our needs and careful tailoring of respective technical solutions."

    Janno Oja

  • PZU insurance

    "Wavecom fulfills SLA conditions incredibly well. They react fast, we never have any problems."

    Sander Eentalu

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