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Wavecom VoIP phone services allow you to make inexpensive calls within and outside the EU. Keep your client communication costs under control with the IP call centre.

IP Phone

Wavecom quality IP phone services are always low price, even when calling outside the EU. Internal company calls are completely free of charge.

IP phone service is for you if you

  • travel a lot and need to make phone calls affordably
  • look for a way to cut your company’s communication costs

IP call centre

Wavecom brings you the best priced, full service IP call centre in Estonia, which allows for serious savings on calls to clients.

Choose the IP call centre if you

  • need a very flexible call centre
  • do not want to pay additional charges for extra services

IP trunk for call centre

Significant savings on business calls can be achieved, when you connect the exchange or call centre with the Wavecom IP trunk.

With the IP trunk service you

  • only pay for calls
  • get the best tariffs on the market

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