Data centre and network

In 2017, there were no innovative and reliable data centers in the Republic of Estonia that would have met the needs and standards of WaveCom. In 2018, WaveCom completed an innovative data center using only high-quality, new-generation Schneider Electric / APC solutions. The construction of the server center was based on TIER 3 and ISKE standards.




As of 2018, As WaveCom has implemented the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system for data center management. In the summer of 2019, Bureau Veritas assessed our data center and services in accordance with the ISO 27001: 2013 information security and availability standard. We will continue to implement and certify the PCI DSS standard. Data center management and critical processes are automated. Our innovative solutions and uncompromising quality ensure the maximum possible availability.


There is an ultramodern access system in the centre, like those you’ve probably only seen in movies: it includes fingerprint and finger vein ID as well as facial recognition.

Every possible corner is covered with digital, microwave and infrared sensors, and, with the help of facial recognition, the modern system makes sure that people only move in the areas of the building where they are permitted. The equipment cabinets are equipped with locks and different sensors.

The entire area is covered by a state-of-the-art automatic gas extinguishing system that is safe for people and servers. The server center space consists of several rooms built into each other with triple walls and waterproof floors and ceilings. The data center is shielded with metal plates.

The server centre must always be as clean as a whistle. To avoid any dust getting in, one must wear clothes that don't attract dust when entering the center. On entry a special machine covers footwear with strong plastic film.

Climate control

Server rooms require a lot of cooling. In the new building, we introduced an innovative, multi-dubbed Schneider system that circulates water for cooling, which in turn is cooled by the outside temperature. The cool climate of Estonia is good for at least something! The location of the cabinets in the Schneider APC modular system makes cooling even more efficient. There are closed cold air corridors from which the server cabinets draw in cold air. Warm air is discharged behind the cabinet to re-cool the hot air corridor, from where it moves out of the room.

Reliable equipment

The equipment park, for which all the equipment has been sourced from Schneider Electric /APC equipment, is unique in Estonia, because there an equivalent data center does not yet exist. In addition to ultra-high-quality equipment, the Schneider system also has a special software management platform. This makes managing the system easier. The server center can even be managed from a smart phone. And the smart monitoring robot reports any problems by phone. The software can visualize the data center on a 3D map, which enables running ‘what if” analyses.

Uninterruptible Power

We are not willing to give an inch when it comes to the quality of our server hosting and cloud services – your data must always be available to you. Therefore, in our building, we are guaranteeing the power from two identical power rooms which are connected to two different cables and power stations. If one of the substations breaks down, the automatic system switches to the other substation. In the unlikely event that both should break down, the generator will automatically startup. In power rooms, we have Schneider Galaxy UPS units with a backup time of 20 minutes.

All the server cabinets in our data center are equipped with two Schneider/APC Smart UPS units, each of which is fed from a different power room. In some of the cabinets, we use power switches that offer dual input power supplies even if the units have only single power input.

Our self-service feature enables server hosting and private server clients to manage the power supply and to see the level of their power consumption.

Data communication

Three separate fibre-optic cables, with a transmission speed of 180Gbit/s, run from the data centre to Estonia’s most important communication centres. If necessary, we can multiply the speed by adding some modules. We also provide our clients access to the connections of other operators. The powerful Cisco ASR 9902 core network routers that duplicate each other are located in the different data centers.

The data center has three Cisco Nexus 9396PX Data Center 2.5TB / sec network switches. Its 10-40Gbit expansion modules are housed in each cabinet and in turn connected to a 4 x 40 Gbit network. The minimum client port speed is 1 Gbit / s. However, 10Gbit / s is already used as the base speed for our cloud and web hosting services and is available at an affordable price for other services.

Our network traffic is not disrupted because customers' network gateways use the Cisco GLBP protocol. The traffic passes through our two routers at the same time, which are located in different locations and are also connected with different submarine cables for traffic out of Estonia. If necessary, network traffic is also balanced. In addition to the 40Gb / s Hurricane Electic and Citic Telecom external connections, the routers are also connected to the RTIX Internet access point with 2x10Gb interfaces, from where domestic traffic takes place. Thanks to the diversity of upstream operators, we can offer the best quality of communication with the world's Internet networks.

We also provide our customers with BGP sessions and routings. The quality of our routings and communications can be found in our Looking Class application.