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Cloud Server

Cloud server – choose high performance and uncompromising quality

How to use server services without owning hardware? You need a cloud server.

A cloud server or a virtual private server (VPS) is

  • quickly accessible – order and start to use immediately
  • cost efficient – you pay only for what you use
  • simple to manage – complex solutions are made easy

With Wavecom virtual servers, you always win, because we offer the best price on the market and our know-how, gathered over years of providing cloud services.



From € 5 month

  • OpenVZ Technology
  • 1 - 16 CPU cores
  • 1 - 16 GB RAM
  • High speed SSD FC STORAGE array
  • 1   Gbit/s network speed
  • 1TB Traffic included
  • 1 - 10 IP addresses
  • Linux OS
  • Instant provision
  • SolusCP management


From € 7 month

  • KVM Technology
  • 1 - 16 CPU cores
  • 1 - 16 GB RAM
  • High speed SSD FC STORAGE array
  • 1  Gbit/s network speed
  • 1TB Traffic included
  • 1 - 10 IP addresses
  • Linux OS support
  • Instant provision
  • SolusCP management

VMware vCloud

From € 19 month

  • High-end VMWare vCloud cluster
  • 1 - 50 Use of the processor core
  • 1 to 128 GB RAM
  • High speed SSD FC STORAGE array
  • Also available 15K SAS, MLSAS and ISCSI / NFS data slots
  • Communication speed - 10Gbit / s
  • 10TB traffic
  • 3 to 253 IP addresses
  • Data backup (replication) every hour
  • Snapshots
  • ISO Mounting Media as Required
  • Linux, windows etc systems support
  • Ready to use
  • vCloud director admin interface

Monthly fee from €5 – instantly ready to use

Our service portfolio includes four different cloud server services based on KVM, OpenVZ and VMware technology, and provide you with the best possible price/quality ratio. The best-priced services start at €5 per month. This includes a VPS (virtual private server) solution that is instantly ready to use. From our Client Portal, you can manage the service - restart the server, turn it on / off, use the VNC console, install operating systems, etc.

OpenVZ is virtualization based on a shared core, where virtual machines use the core of the host server and users can not make changes themselves. The KVM virtual machine, on the other hand, provides complete isolation and provides the opportunity to fully manage the operating system and applications.

For the ultimate availability and performance, choose VMware vCloud. A capable cloud platform is also suitable if you need only one server, not a complex cloud services ecosystem.

Administration and software

Our customer portal can easily manage the service incl. restart, switch the server on/off and install operating systems etc. You are always guaranteed data storage, backup copies and statistics. The OpenVZ and KVM service can also be managed from the SolusVM administrative interface. To manage VMware vCloud there is a powerful VMware vCloud Director with additionally configurable VMware NSX network services such as firewall, ssl and ipsec vpn, etc.

As a Microsoft SPLA Partner, we offer you all the licenses for their server and applications on a monthly basis. Cpanel and Directadmin licenses are also available.

Detailed comparison of packages

  OpenVZ KVM VMware vCloud
Host server CPU Host server CPU type

HP BL460G9 2xE5-2690v3 @2.6Ghz

HP BL460G9 2xE5-2690v3 @2.6Ghz HP BL460G10 2x Xeon Gold 6126 @2.6Ghz
Processor cores Possible amount of CPU cores 1 - 16 1 - 16 1 - 64
RAM Possible amount of RAM 1 - 16 GB 1 - 16 GB 1-128 GB
Data Data storage type Fast SSD FC Data array Fast SSD FC Data array Fast 125K IOPS SSD FC Data array
Connectivity Local and international connectivity speeds 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s
Free traffic Monthly free traffic 1 TB 1 TB 5TB
Supported operating systems Support of different OS types in the server. Linux Linux and Unix Windows, Linux, FreeBSD etc.

Wavecom provides cloud servers quickly and at reasonable prices.

If you seek high-end availability and superior capabilities, learn about our WaveCom's Cloud solutions

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